BTech Full form

BTech Full form

BTech Full form

BTech full form

What is the full form of B.Tech

B.Tech: Bachelor of Technology
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B.Tech stands for Bachelor of technology. It is an undergraduate engineering degree awarded in many countries like India, the USA, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. It is also spelled as btech. The total period of this degree program is from 3 to 4 years depending on different countries and universities. In India, it is a year undergraduate degree program that is divided into eight semesters. (4 Years )


btech full form

Bachelor of Technology

Some of  the India’s top institutes and universities providing  bachelor of technology degree. are listed below


IIT (Indian Institute of Technology):  Presently, there are 16 IITs in India which are the prestigious institutes for pursuing B.Tech in India.

NIT (National Institute of Technology): There are about 30 NITs in India, all are reputed institutes for pursuing B.Tech in India.

State universities

Other private universities

Minimum criteria to get admission in B.Tech

student must have completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.


Or, have a 3 years diploma ( polytechnic) in any engineering stream to get admission in the Second year (Lateral entry)  ( polytechnic completed students)


Most Preferred  branches of B.Tech

A candidate who has completed the B.Tech degree in any of its branches is designated as an Engineer. Some of the popular branches of B.Tech are listed below


  1. Computer Science

  2. Electrical & Communication Engineering

  3. Electrical Engineering

  4. Civil Engineering

  5. Mechanical Engineering

  6. Material Engineering

  7. Chemical Engineering

  8. Aerospace Engineering

  9. Agriculture and Food Engineering

  10. Automobile Engineering 

Many more

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