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B.Tech Tuitions

we provide btech tuitions to the students who are pursuing btech and who have backlog subjects.we provide tutions to the students who are weak in subject knowledge and we will tecach them the ways to learn the subject  and we will teach the techniques clearing the btech subjects.we will give personal attention to every student who joined in our institute and we will tell faculty to explain the important topics repeatedly. we will deal all the btech branches like EEE,ECE,ME,CE,CSE,IT,etc..

B.E Tuitions

we provide be tuitions who are pursuing and who are still having backlogs after the completion of their graduation.we have experienced faculty to teach the subjects which are added recently in the students circullum.we will give separate attention to the students who are from osmania university.we will finish any subject within 3 weeks and we will give 100% pass assurance to the students.we will deal with all the be branches like EEE,ECE,ME,CE,CSE,IT,etc..

Diploma Tuitions

we provide diploma tuition to the students who are pursuing and who are having backlogs still after the completion of their course. we will deal with all the regulations like C09.C14,C16,C16S,C18.Almost 100 students came to our institute to clear their subjects.we will complete the diploma subject in 3 weeks and after that we will provide revision classes and we will conduct exams regularly. we will give special attention to the sudents who does not have any basic knowledge about the subjects.we will deal all the diploma branches like DME.CME,DCE,EEE,ECE,etc..


we will provide home tuitions to the students who are pursuing diploma and btech/be.we have the faculty who are working in college and they have 10 years of experience.we will provide one demo class to the student.In the demo class student can communicate with the faculty and faculty will know the subject knowledge of the student.Depending on the communication between the student and faculty we will arrange the faculty. we will provide home tuitions to all the branches in the diploma and btech

Academy Projects

we provide academic projects to the students who are pursuing btech and diploma. sactpro technologies established in 2014 and from day one we are providing projects which helpful to the students careers.we will train the students on the technologies which are useful in the projects and then we will make them to do the projects.we will make the students to publish their ieee papers in popular magazines.students can put the projects on their resumes so that the interviewer can evaluate the knowledge of the student on a particular domain. we will deal all btech and diploma branches


After the completion of diploma students will write ecet to pursue btech. Depending on the rank in the ecet students will get seat in the btech we will provide ecet coaching to the diploma students who want to pursue btech.we will provide both long-term amd short-term coaching for ecet.we have faculty who are dealing with ecet coaching for 10 years.we will provide previous papers and we will conduct mock exams regularly.questions in mock exams will be in same level as present in ecet exam.